How to beat that overwhelmed feeling

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Life can feel completely overwhelming for so many of us now, especially in the holiday season. We are often running to just keep up with ourselves, and so it can feel like we are being torn into numerous pieces. Therefore, despite our hard work, we aren’t necessarily getting anywhere on an average day. That can be both frustrating, and rob us of our valuable energy resources. We work hard all day, but at the end of it, can actually find ourselves almost in the same place that we started. It can be totally disheartening to even the most positive of us.

Feeling overwhelmed, seems to be an accepted part of modern day life. It is as though we don’t have the energy to fight it, despite desperately needing to. The problem with this is, that it will only get worse. We can only fight for so long before we start slipping backwards, either into old habits, or because we don’t have the energy to fight anymore.

As a writer I can work all day long, but don’t always seem to have much to show for it. On a good day the words flow well, but on a bad day it is the opposite. I can write several thousand words, but they might not make sense at all. That is a lot of time and effort to expend, with not much to see at the end of it.

Whether I have written enough or not, there are still constant deadlines to meet, social media posts to update, blog posts to write, emails to answer, editing and networking to do, marketing and so much more. To put it bluntly, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything that I need to.

Speaking to my friends, and also fellow authors, I can see that I am not the only one who feels like this. I am sure that so many of you feel the same. But, what can we do about it?

I have no doubt that insomnia can play a big part in making us feel so overwhelmed. So to help beat that overwhelmed feeling, we need to get a decent amount of sleep. In an article titled Positive Effects of a Weighted Blanket on Insomnia, by the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, Badre et al found that ‘…sleep bout time increased, as well as a decrease in movements of the participants, during weighted blanket use.

So, could a weighted blanket help us to get a better quality sleep, and have a positive effect on the way that we are able to fight feeling overwhelmed? Some may find them a little strange at first, but they may well be worth a try. It is often the simple things that have the most profound affect.

Simplicity relates to Thoreau. A lot of us would have heard of Henry David Thoreau’s experiment where he lived for just over 2 years in a small cabin in the woods by Walden Pond. Thoreau was a naturalist, and as such, wanted to immerse himself in nature in order to write, and find a better way of living. Even in the 1845, Walden knew how to beat feeling overwhelmed by what was going on in everyday society at that time. I believe that we could all learn a lot from him about it.

In a recent article printed by the Boston Globe, titled Create your own Walden experience with a replica of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin, it was reported that anyone wishing to have their own Walden experience could now purchase a cabin which is made using the designs of his original cabin. This cabin is said to be 150 square foot. To live in this sort of confined space for 2 years like Walden did may horrify some of us. But to me, simplicity is best. The less we own, the less we have to overwhelm us. Therefore having somewhere simple to go, even if it is at the bottom of our garden, can be a real benefit to our stress levels, and, in turn, help us to feel less overwhelmed.

So many types of people can become overwhelmed. Even entrepreneurs, with all of their seemingly wonderful achievements, can suffer from feeling overwhelmed. In an article by Chris Myers, published by Forbes, Chris looks at feeling overwhelmed, and gives tips on how to deal with the stress of being an entrepreneur.

One of the tips that Chris suggests, is to’ Live in the Moment’. That may seem easier said than done, but it is worth thinking about. If you think about it, we can often spend so much of our day trying to catch up with ourselves, or worrying about what we have to do next, that we don’t fully concentrate on what we are actually doing at the time. That can mean that we actually have to spend more time doing it, because we are not always concentrating enough, and so we then have less time to do everything else that we need to. This, in turn, can lead to us feeling totally overwhelmed again. It can be such a vicious circle.

If we learn to live in the moment like Chris suggests, we will then probably get more done. As a writer who juggles lots of jobs, that is excellent news.

At, they suggest that feeling overwhelmed is a common anxiety problem. Anxiety can almost seem to be the accepted norm these days. But, in reality, it can be a really debilitating condition, which can rob us of both our confidence, and self esteem. It can then affect us negatively for many years to come.

Anxiety is one of those things that can affect any of us no matter what class, religion, ethnic origin, or background we come from. It doesn’t differentiate between us, and can strike at any moment, even when least expected.

One of the ways that the article on says that we can help to stop feeling so overwhelmed, is to go for a walk. When we walk, we are getting a change of scene. Our senses are having to think about other things such a traffic noise, and not walking into other people, or falling over a kerb. Our mind is automatically being taken away from our anxiety, even just a little, and that can only be a good thing, right?

It doesn’t mean that we won’t deal with the problem in the near future, It just means that we won’t deal with it at the exact moment that we feel so overwhelmed. Thus allowing us time to feel calmer, and hopefully more able to deal with it in a better way soon. We are not avoiding the issue. Instead, we are taking control, and managing it in a way that is better for both our mental, and physical health.


It is clear that there are many options for dealing with feeling overwhelmed. Only through trying the options, will you be able to find one to suit your particular needs.

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The next time that you are starting to feel overwhelmed, try one of these options. If one of them doesn’t work for you, then perhaps try another. You may find that you need to do more than one to get the desired result. Whatever works for you is what matters. Just don’t give up!

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