Hello, and welcome to my site. I am so pleased that you have decided to visit.

My aim here is to share my thoughts about books, writing, living the writer’s life, about my change of pace to living a much more simple life, and much more.

I try to blog about things that might interest book lovers and writers. Also to support other writers on what can sometimes be a very difficult journey. So, please don’t forget to share the writer love!

If you want to know about how I increased my writing output by over 800% in a year, whilst still retaining the quality of it, then my new book could be just the one for you. I did this whilst being a live in carer for a relative. If you have ever been a live in carer you how exhausting it is. But, I was still able to do it.

My book will get you thinking about what changes you could make, even if you are not a writer and so have other goals. It is called Simply Does It and looks at the start of my journey to a vast increase in productivity. Also available on AmazonUS


My new ebook, ‘Man + Woman = Trouble’ is also now available for just 99p on AmazonUK. It also available on AmazonUS If you keep making the same relationship mistakes then this book is for you. Full of laughs and tips on how to have a great relationship. All for just 99p.

If you do decide to purchase any of my books I am truly grateful. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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