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Unlock the key to your potential

It is always a good time to unlock your potential, and now is no different.

Well, until today. Because today is a good day for me, and my writing partner, Robert. The reason for that is because our courses are finally ready to go live.

We have worked tirelessly on preparing them, and learning to use the online system to bring them to you on

If you want to know how we got 2 of our books to #1 on Amazon within 8 days of each other, about the Law of Attraction for Writers, Meditation for Writers, and so much more, then we would love to see you there!


Also, see my Simply Write tips on my blog now. Each one has been tried and tested! If you have any of your own that you would like to share with me then please do let me know.

Hear my hour long interview where I talk about my life and my books here –