You never know

Please note that today’s post is an old one which was written before the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. However, I have decided that it is still just as relevant, and maybe even more so, now. Therefore I have chosen to re-run it.

Today, when I woke up, I couldn’t really see. Everything was completely blurred.

It was scary. I couldn’t even make out the outline of my hand.

I tried to work out where I was. But in my panic, I couldn’t.

I felt that I had slept much later than usual, and I was on my own.

I closed my eyes again, but each time I opened them, I couldn’t see anything any clearer.

Urging myself to stop panicking, I tried to concentrate on my breathing. It was fast.

Known for being able to help anyone else in a crisis, I was wimping out on helping myself.

I had no idea what to do in the way of help.

Looking at the clock didn’t help. I couldn’t see what it said. It was blurred too.

Even not being able to tell the time was scary.

It was light outside, but that didn’t help me.

I couldn’t rationalise then that I had the position of the sun to help give me some idea. All rationality had flown away for the day.

Closing my eyes so that I could pretend that everything was well, my breathing started to slow. My thoughts became clearer.

Yesterday, my eyelids and the whole area surrounding my eyes, was really swollen and painful. Damp cloths over the area helped to lessen the discomfort. I was thankful for them.

During the evening of the previous 4 days I had been helping a friend to clear some land. It was very overgrown and messy.

I enjoyed working outside in the summer evenings. But it seems that the hayfever which I have not really been bothered by since I was a child, was to rear its ugly head because of my outdoor pursuits.

There are probably hundreds and thousands of people who have hayfever. So it is very common. But to wake up and not be able to see properly because of it, sure was a shock!

The point of this, is that you never know.

You never know when you will wake up and not be able to see properly, or at all.

You never know when life will take an unexpected turn which will knock you off your feet.

You never know when you might not be able to do something today which you could so easily do yesterday.

So never waste time.

Do what you need to do to make you happy, and say what you need to say.

Tell those who mean the most to you what they would want to hear.

Today is the day I woke up being unable to see, and with the help of my writer friend, I have been able to tell you not to wait until tomorrow.

Seize today like no other, no matter what the circumstances you find yourself in under the enforced lockdown, and really make it count.


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