Don’t let all that you’ve ever known stop you

Melanie Mole

Earlier this year I decided to get brave. Double-brave.

I’m not sure if that is even a word, but if it wasn’t before, then it need to be now. It has to be because I, like a lot of other people, need to name what I have decided to own.

I’m not talking about possessions, but I am talking about the need to own what we believe, and what we choose to do.

All too often we have been raised with limiting beliefs about what we know. We actually find ourselves doing the limiting too.

Limiting ourselves can mean that we become stagnant. Stagnant can mean being smelly like a pond which doesn’t have enough oxygen in it. It looks dank, and frankly, it is.

So who wants to be stagnant ?

This happens when you let everything that you have ever known stop you from getting what you want and what you deserve.

Just because we were taught something, doesn’t mean that it’s correct. It also doesn’t mean that it is good for you either.

Some of you will know that as a writer, I loved English lessons as a child. Every English teacher I ever had was an inspiration to me, apart from one. She was a negative bully who picked on me constantly and tried to belittle me in front of my peers.

She told me that basically my English was awful and that I wouldn’t ever amount to anything. She grinned at me as she said that. Imagine doing that to a child. Someone who you are paid to teach and care about.

But today I would thank her, because she pushed me to prove her wrong. It wasn’t what she wanted the outcome to be, but she was a huge part in making that happen. Because of her I became a double Amazon #1 bestselling author. I achieved my goal.

If I had listened to all that I have ever known, I would never had believed in who I was or trusted myself to do it.

I believe in my guiding light. That is the principle that I live by. It’s difficult to explain, but my guiding light is a feeling within me. One which burns so brightly that it should never burn out no matter what happens. Not an arrogant belief, but one where I know that anything is possible.

The lows in my life gave me my guiding light. They did this because I allowed them to.

I gratefully accepted them and allowed them to show me a better way. Each one gave my guiding light more power. Sometimes this was through anger like when my teacher told me how useless I was, and at other times it was because of a lesson learned.

If you don’t allow the lows to teach and guide you then you will only ever believe in all that you’ve ever known. That’s sad, because there is so much more out there for you to explore like those beautiful caves at the beginning of this post.

It is only when we become open to new ideas, people and places that we experience the kind of growth that we deserve.

For so long now I have been obsessed with the fact that I could only write non-fiction books. I know that part of this must have been the limiting beliefs which come from all that I ever knew.

I was letting all that I had ever known stop me.

But then I started to think. My brain began processing what I was doing. I knew that it was wrong. I re-connected to that guiding light inside me by revisiting my basic principles. My life had become so busy that I had lost touch with them for a while. I was letting all that I had ever known stop me from moving forward.

Yes, it was scary. Yes, it felt difficult at first. But, it actually wasn’t half as difficult as I imagined it to be.

I wrote my first fiction book!

That might not seem difficult to some, but because it was against everything that I knew, I could have let it stop me. I didn’t.

Seeing my name on the cover of the paperback version of this book is like seeing it on the first book I ever wrote. Heaven!


So I make this call to action today for all of you who might be letting all that you’ve ever known stop you doing what you deserve.

Don’t let it stop you. Act on it today, and please do let me know how you go.


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