A refreshing way to start your week


I love to feel refreshed and energised as I head into a new week. It’s not always easy, but it can be done with some effort, no matter how little sleep I have had.

A while ago I decided that I really needed a little more structure in my life.

Working from home can sometimes have a de-structuring affect. By that I mean that I have nobody to answer to on a daily basis, and so it is easy to let other things get in the way.

I always work lots of hours over the week, probably more than most people I know, but that was often completed in the middle of the night, or when everyone else was chilling. So structure was definitely needed.

After reading many articles on what other people advised regarding structure, I decided that routine was the way to go. My body needed to know where it was heading each day, and preferably when.

I’m not saying that structure = rigidity. That doesn’t have to be the case at all. But what I am saying, is that some sort of structure, however loose, must help.

So I decided to put the knowledge gained from reading all of those articles on how other people did it, to good use.

Fed up with lacklustre Mondays, I finally got my butt in gear and went for it!

Even though I liked my work, a lot, I still didn’t always have that oomph. By that, I mean that little bit of sparkle that would pull me towards my desk with a happy heart and the energy to pursue my tasks for the day, with some to spare.

Sure, some days it was there in abundance. But not often enough.

When I dipped my toes into the waters of a new week, I wanted to feel refreshed. To feel like I could smash through what came my way, with brilliant results.

I knew that adding structure to my life was the key. I also knew that it couldn’t be just any old structure. It had to be the right kind for me.

That meant that my routine needed to be fairly flexible, but one which guided me enough to actually do what I needed to. So I decided that small steps were the key for a positive change.

Each of us knows best what our boundaries are. We know what will, or won’t work for us.

Had I set myself really rigid boundaries, I know that the butterfly in me would have rebelled. Strongly!

So being realistic was the key, as it is in so many areas of life.

I looked at what I thought were the areas which would be more easy to work on first. That way, I could both see, and feel, some progress within a relatively small space of time.

The changes I made that first week were:

  1. A quick burst of cold water to end my shower and make me feel awake
  2. Set my alarm clock for the same time each day
  3. Drink more water

It may sound ridiculous, but those tiny changes made so much difference.

Over the next 2 weeks I felt even better as I slowly added more small changes to my routine.

On the fourth week I added 10–15 minutes of practising being grateful each morning. I also allocated time to watch inspirational videos on Youtube each day. Someone like Wayne Dyer, or Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters). I also stopped watching the news as much as I found that the negativity and sadness of so much of it affected me deeply.

The changes to my life were amazing. I found that I enjoyed the new structure that I had, and I felt energised and full of life too. I felt positive like never before, and the changes that I had made just faded into normality. It was like I had never been without the structure that was now in place in my life.

Life felt great! It still does.

The point of this is, that if you want a refreshing start to the week, you sometimes have to dip your toe into new waters.

But only you can choose to do so.

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