Five Steps to Mental Wealth


As it is Mental Health Awareness Month, there seems no better topic than that to discuss today. 

I’m sure that some of you already know that I am diagnosed with Depression. I have never strayed away from telling anyone, as it is just a part of me just like my blue eyes and the colour of my hair.

I am lucky that it is well controlled. So I am able to function well most days. The thing about that, is that others can tend to think that on the better days, it is easy for you. But that is not always true. 

If, like me, you are a naturally smiley person who loves to laugh, Depression can be an unwanted hurdle. But it is a hurdle which can be tackled by most. Sometimes, you might even need to crawl under it to get to the other side. But if you get there, then things can start to look better, even if only in the short term. 

I know that if you have Depression, on your darkest days, you probably can’t even get out of bed. I’ve been there. But when you are able to, it is good to look after your mental wealth.

By that, I mean doing what you can to be mentally well, and keeping you there for as long as possible. So you would be stockpiling those happy memories, and doing things which can help so much. A bit like saving for a rainy day, but for your mental wealth.

So here are 5 things which I have found help me, and can hopefully help others in their search for mental wealth:

  • Singing – It doesn’t matter when you sing if you sounds like some weird alien screeching, don’t let that stop you. Singing can be great for your mood. If you saw the documentary recently about the Dementia Choir you will know that. If you didn’t get a chance to see it then here is the link –
  • Getting out – A change of scene, even if only going to someone’s house, can be a real tonic. If you think about it, not many of us would be happy being within the same 4 walls every hour of the day. So even if you really don’t feel like it, getting out can be good for your mental wealth.
  • Exercise – When I don’t feel like getting out, but need to exercise, I have a little cycling machine which you can do whilst sat in a chair or perhaps at your desk. Sometimes, I even pretend that I am finishing a race, and really go for it. Looks silly, but I’m not bothered, as long as it helps. Afterwards, I always feel better. Exercise can help to add to your mental wealth, I’m sure. 
  • Affirmations – If you don’t believe that affirmations work, like telling yourself that you are enough, then give them a go. It is easy to judge when you are on the outside looking in. It is the taking part that counts. You have to be in the race to win it. Imagine someone saying only negative things to themselves for an hour, versus someone doing the exact opposite. I know who would probably feel much better and more positive afterwards. So be kind to yourself. You are already enough.
  • Meditation – Hear me out if you think it is all stupid. Again, until you have tried it, don’t think that it won’t work. Meditation has literally changed my life, and my mental wealth, in so many positive and beautiful ways. There are so many free meditations available today that you can easily try before you buy.


Save for your mental wealth like you save money for a rainy day. We all need a back up sometimes. Good mental wealth rocks!


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