Time to Trust Yourself

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In England, where rain often seems to be our best friend, we have been in the grip of a heatwave. Many areas haven’t had any rain for months now, and everything seems to be wilting, including us. 

Where other countries seem to cope with much more extreme weather conditions, something quite small, like leaves on the track, can stop our trains, and us, without warning. Everything grinds to a halt, and chaos can take a grip on the country. 

One thing stops, and then the domino effect seems to start. If the trains stop, we worry if we will be able to get to work. We worry about losing pay if we can’t get to work, and about paying our bills. We are good at worrying here. But, all too often, the British stiff upper lip won’t let us show it. So, we keep it bottled up inside of us, churning in our stomachs, and making us feel stressed. One little thing can send us off track so easily. 

This week, I have been looking after my friend’s dog. He has been to stay for the week before, and is always the perfect guest. He will take himself off to bed when he is tired, is never demanding, and is really good company. His scruffy little face makes me melt when I look at him, and he is always spoilt when he visits. He is a complete joy to look after.

I grew up with dogs, and until a couple of years ago, had enjoyed having one again. I have often thought about getting another one, but work has kept me out of the house for far too long to make that feasible. More recently, because of working from home a lot more, I have been thinking about it again. 

Thankfully, my little guest, has made me see sense. Although he is a little treasure to welcome into our home, he is still a tie. There are all the things which dogs need, like walking, and feeding, which take me away from my creativity. That sounds selfish, but it isn’t. It’s about being realistic. 

As a writer, my work is creative. Therefore, I need to be able to create when I get the inspiration, and to be able to sit quietly to meditate when the creative juices aren’t flowing as well as I would like. They always start to after I meditate, so this is important to me. 

Although I love walking, and spending time with my little guest, I still need to work. When I look at what I have been able to produce this week, it has been far less than usual. I have felt guilty because he might have wanted more attention, although he had lots. But I am pleased about how fit I feel from all the exercise. He seems really happy too, which is the most important thing.

Being realistic, such as me knowing if I really do want another dog or not, is something which can either creep up on us slowly, or whack us really hard in the face like a punch from out of nowhere. However it comes, we really should listen to it.

For several weeks now, I have been working towards another creative outlet. But, even though I have several years of experience in this area, I do not have any experience in the technical side of it. I let it worry me for far too long. I spent far too many hours in the middle of the night, just sitting and wondering if I could go ahead with my venture, because of my lack of skills.

What I didn’t think about, and what I should have been focusing on, was my strengths, and how they could help me. We all have strengths, and we should probably remember that more often. 

The technical side of my new project, looked like it might completely overwhelm me. It was a huge stumbling block, and one which I had no idea how to get over.

But, I am not a quitter. No matter what nasty things life throws at me, and it does, I try to forge ahead. The technical side of my new project wasn’t going to beat me, despite the enormous mountain that I would have to scale to beat it.

So, with my thoughtful face on, I decided to go around the mountain instead, and to carve my own path. I knew that it would be really difficult, but I also knew that I wouldn’t let it beat me, and that I would be both blessed, and pleased, if I could do it. 

I needed to educate myself about the technical side of my project, and so started to look at the options. After looking for only a short time, I could see that there were actually many options to help me. Youtube had been great as it has helped me to move forward with this.

I have also attended 3 online courses, and 2 webinars about it too in the last few weeks. I have read 4 books on the subject, and tried to challenge myself to learn something new about it every single day. 

A few weeks ago it all looked pretty hopeless. But now, I have so much more knowledge about it, that I feel like I can forge ahead with it. Little steps at first, but moving forward is what it’s all about, no matter what pace I use. 

Trusting myself to start, was the decision which has made it possible. Refusing to be beaten, gave me the impetus to start. Now, there are no limits. I will succeed, because I trusted myself, and refused to be beaten. 

If I can do it, then anyone can. Take a deep breath and decide that today will be the day that you start. It’s now time to trust yourself. Time to beat your own mountain. I believe in you!

If you want to know more about me or my books, I would love to see you here


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