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Some of you may know that I like to share the writer love. By that, I mean to help, encourage and support other writers. We all need that sometimes, right?

Today I am doing exactly that. I was contacted recently by Hayley Sims. Hayley is an aspiring writer. She is just 16 years old, but already has a level of passion for words which I am sure will take her far.

Because I could see how passionate Hayley was about writing, I asked her if she would write a guest post for us. I am very pleased to say that she accepted without hesitation.

So, here it is –

Hi all, before I introduce myself, I would like to personally thank the author of Melanie Moles book’s for giving me the amazing opportunity to write a post for her blog! It is such an honour and privilege as a young writer.

So, you’re most probably wondering who I might be? The answer to this question is simple. My name is Hayley Sims, and I am a sixteen-year-old writer. I’d like to think that I’m quite driven, passionate and truthful. But, unfortunately, I find it difficult to name characteristics about myself, so I decided to add in this exact quotation from one of my best friends to describe and show you guys what type of person I am behind my writing:

I think you’re interesting for many reasons, you’re interesting because you’re a unique person with a unique personality that contains amazing qualities. For example, you legit have the best sense of humour, so caring and of course loyal. You always want to help others and you’re strong, you hide your problems behind your strong front along with your everyday struggles, but you still get through the day. No matter what you’re going through, you still get on with what you have to do.’

Now, I would love to have the chance to explain what I think it means to be a young writer, as well as at the bottom of this post for you to read a small glimpse of creative writing. And, if you enjoy it, you can use my social media to find more!

  • Instagram (for sneak peaks of upcoming work and personal life) is: hayleys_blog

  • Wattpad (for the publishing of my short stories) is: xhayleysimsx

  • My ‘pocket full of words’ writing website (for my poetry pieces and urgent updates on my writing and writing only) is: the link in my Instagram bio.

To be a young writer, at the age of 16, is truly a dedication to me. I have many things to prioritise, such as GCSE exams and a weekend job, however I always, without a doubt, find time to passionately write. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my aspirations of being an author will be difficult and challenging, but of course I’m willing and determined enough to do it. As a young writer, I mainly focus on creative writing pieces, short stories and poems as this allows me to show my true potential in literature.

Honestly, if anyone asked me when I was in primary school what career path I wanted to walk down, I would have turned into another direction if someone handed me a position as an author – not because I hated English ,but because I was always told that I was never good enough. But, from my time at secondary school, I have received the best possible help and guidance from my English teacher, who has considerably pushed me to the greatest I can be. For this, I am forever grateful to him as he truly opened my eyes to the potential I have.

I believe that it is both an advantage, and disadvantage, to be such a young writer. This is because I have the potential and creativity to aspire to, and ultimately become an author, whilst reaching my target audience. However, it is a disadvantage because some people may not see me as dedicated or serious enough about this career, or even that I don’t have the mentality to overcome this job. But, I can assure you, from looking through my work, you will not regret taking a chance on me. I hope you all will see this. Within my life, I have come to the decision that no matter what career I end up with, I will always want to be involved in English. It’s my passion and my love in life. I can’t imagine where I would be without it.

Lastly, here is a short piece of creative writing I have worked on:

Crimson, coloured leaves seem to be crisp and on fire while the stems irradiate from the intertwining branches of the tree, as they gracefully release their orange treasure. They swoop down in a swaying pattern, much like Aladdin’s flying carpet, soaring in the atmosphere. Dropping, gracefully onto the crystal blue water, making small indentations as they claim their underwater world. Various wooden logs, twigs, rocks – all sticking out of the crystal water – protruding their unfamiliar shapes. 

With my finger I slowly caressed the gentle movement of the water, letting it slide and curve between my fingers. Letting it wash away the sins of life. Silent. Still. Sanctuary. The water did not move, even as the wind gently sang a mild lullaby. Not even the tiny blue birds would swoop onto the shimmering water, in fear of ruining its lavish beauty.

Clouds ponder out of their own free will, morphing into huge cotton candy swirls. Pure snowflake white; heavy water droplets filling it from inside out. Surrounded by baby blue patches of the sapphire sky, twirling and sliding as the gentle wind passes by. Glimpses of the starlight sun peaked through the ominous clouds as it waves hello. I stuck my hands out towards the sky, letting the light beam through my finger tips and warm my shrouded soul. And I watched the wildlife around me bloom magnificently.

I began to tiptoe through the wonders of water, along the path of stepping stones to heaven as I took a deep sigh. Leading towards the edge of the water, my eye caught on the crisp emerald grass. I collapsed onto it, surrounding myself in the dark patches of nature. Colliding with the wet dew drips from the night before, I let my shadow swallow the earth. My arms moved in slow circle motions around my head, letting the dew drops consume my skin. I’ve never felt so hydrated to be in the middle of autumn. No stormy oceans; dark shivering nights; bitter screaming wind or malicious snow. No. Instead, we were blessed with this magnificent, beautiful work of art. Autumn.

Thank you so much for writing this guest post for us Hayley. It has shown us all what you can do. I am sure that there is much more to come from you, and I am excited to see what you also produce in the future. Good luck!

If you would like to write a guest blog post, then please let me know. you can contact me by email – melaniemolewriter@gmail.com

My latest book is called Blooming Write. It is available on Amazon in the UK, US, AU and CA


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