Simple Pleasures are Hidden Treasures

Bench with lots of cushions

Anyone who gets to know me, will very quickly see, that I am more than slightly obsessed with the simple life. There are many reasons for this. Some, I appreciated from my childhood, and others were from lessons learned along the way. I feel very blessed to have seen that living more simply can affect my life in so many positive ways.

Yet, I know that it is not that way for everyone. Life can be tough for so many these days. Times often seem uncertain in respect to the future.

This morning, in England, we are hearing on the news about another mass shooting in a school in Florida. Many are dead, and so many others will be affected and traumatised by this one act. It is a tragic incident that has the potential to scar those affected for many years to come, if not for the rest of their lives. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were personally affected by it. I also offer thanks to those who helped, such as the emergency services, and anyone else who bravely comforted the injured or dying during this tragic time.

Whenever something like this happens, it reminds us that life is short. It can be taken away from us so easily, and without any warning. We can think that we are healthy, and suddenly suffer a stroke or cardiac arrest. We can be diagnosed with a debilitating or life threatening illness too.

Nothing is certain, and therefore our health and happiness shouldn’t be taken for granted. But, one thing that I know for sure, is that life can be long, but never lived. It can also be the opposite. Imagine living to be 100 years old, but never having really lived in a way that you would have liked, or wanted to. That’s a lot of years to be miserable, or to have lived an unfulfilled life. 

To live the kind of life that you would want, I advocate finding your hidden treasures from simple pleasures. By that, I mean looking at what really matters to you. What really lights your fire? What do you long for, or can’t stop thinking about? Why?

When we think about these, our personal pleasures can often be very simple, and unimposing. That is a good thing. We don’t need bells and whistles to be truly happy. The source of our happiness is actually likely to be all around us, if only we would stop to look at, or hear it. When you next walk outside, even on your way to work, stop and look at what is around you. Even if you walk the same route every single day, you probably don’t see, or hear most of what is there. It is like we go around with out eyes and ears only slightly open. By doing that we can miss so many beautiful hidden treasures in the most simple of things, like a bird sat in the tree on the corner, or the shape of the handwriting on a note from a loved one. 

As a society, so many of us seem to want more and more. By being like this we miss the treasures which are already bestowed upon us. We miss the now in terms of simple opportunities that are already there. By always looking for more, we miss those. How sad is that?

Today’s post is short because I have chosen to spend time with a loved one who has been very ill lately. I have chosen to not put undue pressure on myself to have to do it all today. I am practising self care, which we all need to do. It can seem selfish, but is so needed for our health and well-being. 

I chose the picture for today’s post because it struck me how a wonderfully simple bench, had been covered in so many cushions. Yes, they look nice, but the bench would have already looked nice without them. I understand that they are also about the richness of the colours, and comfort too. But, where do we stop adding more? When does it become too much? Will we ever have enough, or keep craving more?

To be truly happy, there probably has to come a point in our lives when we say that enough is enough. When we want to be happy with what we already have, and to see the beauty of simple pleasures. There are already so many hidden treasures around us, that we are truly blessed. 

Why not take time today to stop, look, listen and appreciate them, and thus enrich your day?

If you want to know more about simple living then why not take a look at my book Simply Does It. Available on Amazon UK, USA and AU.


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