A New Beginning



A treasured friend of mine called this week to say that her husband has been offered a new job in another country here in the UK. It is one that he has always wanted, with a good pay rise, and lots of scope to do great things in his chosen industry. She, although really pleased for him, was only a few weeks into a new job that she really liked. 

At the moment they live in a beautiful old stone cottage which is literally a five minute walk from stunning cliffs and the sea. They are both great walkers and so living there is a dream. They have made some really great friends, and have regular visitors, so enjoy their lives just as they are. 

But, no matter how settled and happy you are, opportunity has a habit of knocking when you least expect it. My friend’s husband has worked his whole life in the same sort of industry. He has learnt his trade from the bottom up, sideways, and inside out. He deserves this new job, and I am sure that he will do really well. For him there are exciting times ahead, and he can’t wait to get started.

My friend however, is like a chick waiting to break out of its egg. Almost ready, but not quite. Asking herself what it will be like, and if she will cope? A natural worrier, but wanting to support her husband too, life is about to get interesting for her. 

As writers we can sometimes feel like we are the chick waiting to hatch too. We are fully formed and actually have the ability to break through, yet can lack either the confidence, or drive, for a new beginning. My friend had a choice. She chose to support her husband and move to another country to follow his dream, despite how scary it may seem to her. 

After talking to her about it I wondered why more of us don’t just get brave and go for a new beginning. I know that we like our routines to feel safe and able to cope. But, if only we would just take the plunge and go for it, who knows what the results might be? As a writer, that might mean doing something completely new like writing a different genre, or writing a script for the first time. Something which challenges us, yet gives us butterflies. Something which a new beginning requires of us whether we like it or not. 

My friend now feels good that the initial decision is made. They are on a timescale which has been set by the new job, so the wheels are in motion whether she feels confident about it or not. 

But do you know what? She will do brilliantly. They both will. Because they will grit their teeth and hang on not matter how bumpy the ride gets. As writers we need to do the same. So, welcome that new beginning, and all that it brings. Hold on, and go for it!



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