Author Interview With T.A. Williams

Hello Trevor, and thank you for agreeing to answer my questions.

Thanks for hosting me on your blog, Mel.

You say that your hobby is long distance cycling. Do you get any of your writing ideas during those trips?

Very definitely. Well, not so much on the trips themselves – I am normally too tied up with navigation to have time to think about other stuff. A few years ago, I led a couple of friends up the wrong mountain in France (whoops!). They weren’t best pleased when we had to go back down again and start a totally different climb. But, anyway, the best time for ideas is when I am out on solitary training rides of two or three hours. These are normally through the Devon lanes and I know them by heart now. So my mind can wander as I ride along.

Travelling seems to have been a big part of your life. Do you think that this helps your books in any way?

I would like to think so. I travelled a lot for my job (see below) and I lived for seven years in Italy, one in France and six months in Switzerland. I think this gave me a better insight into how other nationalities live and, obviously, learning a few languages helps. My wife is Italian (just passed our 42nd wedding anniversary – although we both forgot on the day!) and we still speak Italian together even though we’ve been back in the UK for decades. I’m counting on this to help stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s .

You have a wonderful array of stunning covers on your books. Is the dog which features on them your own?

Yes, but, alas, past tense. The black lab in almost all my books is a homage to Merlin, my best four-legged friend who died a few years ago. He was an abused child and we got him after he had been half-starved. After his treatment by one horrible human, he could have turned into a vicious hell-hound, bent upon vengeance against the race that had mistreated him. Instead, he was the softest, friendliest, sweetest dog you can possibly imagine and we miss him dearly. Hence the mention in my books.

Can I ask what you did before becoming a writer?

I used to run an English language school. I worked as a teacher of English abroad for a while before settling back home in Devon. The job was pretty full-on – especially in the busy summer months – and it involved a lot of promotion and marketing. I travelled to trade fairs, conferences and on marketing missions to most European countries plus Japan, China, Thailand, Russia, Korea etc etc.

What does your average writing day look like?

I tend to binge write. When I’ve got an idea in my head, I often sit down at the computer as early as seven o’clock and have been known to stay there all day. As I’m an old man now (68!) I find I get a bad back if I sit for too long, so I’m constantly getting up and walking round or dashing off for a quick bike ride. Strangely, I rarely write in the evenings. I use a desk top PC and always write in the same place. No noise, not even music.

You speak several languages, so are your books printed in those languages too?

I wish. Currently, I have twelve books published, but all as e-books. In November this year, “Dreaming of Venice” is coming out as an audiobook and I’m hoping print will follow. Interestingly, my books seem to be quite popular in Germany (in English), but none have been translated so far. I live in hope.

Can you please tell us about your latest book?

My next book, “Dreaming of Florence” is coming out in January. It’s the story of a girl who’s had a tough time with the men in her life and she starts a new life in Florence (the wonderful city where I lived for four years). It’s got a few twists and turns and I like it a lot – mind you, I feely admit that I am a book tart. I always love my latest book more than all the others. The proof of the pudding will be when you and other bloggers start reading and reviewing it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Do you think that you will continue to write for many years to come?

I can’t see myself stopping. It’s like a drug. My perfect day is waking up, knowing that I don’t have to go anywhere that day and so I can just sit and write. I hope I can carry on doing this for many years to come (or at least until the Alzheimer’s kicks in!).

Thanks again for your interest in my work.


What great answers Trevor. Your books are definitely ones for any good book shelf!

If you would like to know more about Trevor’s books you can visit his website


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