Simply Write Tip #1


Today is the first of my Simply Write tips. These are things that I learnt during my time living a much more simple life, in order to have more time and energy to write. The results were amazing, so I wanted to share some of them with you. Some of these tips you would have heard of before. But the thing with those is that you now need to stop, and really think about them, because if several other writers are telling you that they work, then quite simply, they do. 

Tip #1 is – Don’t be precious about where, when, and how you write:

Like many other writers, I always thought that I could only write at certain times, and in certain places. But, boy was I wrong!

I always thought that I needed peace and quiet in order to be able to write. Some of you may know that I have been a live-in carer for a relative for some time now. Their hearing is poor, and so the television that they watch is often on, and very loud. Despite me trying to coax them outside, some weeks they just won’t leave their comfortable armchair. 

Because I don’t have a desk or a room in which to write, I often do it on the dining table. This is in the same room as the television that seems to be on almost constantly sometimes.

My relative is also a hoarder, keeping numerous things like old newspapers, and clothes which they have not worn for years. The trouble with this is that they are often left in piles on the table that I write on. So, there can be days where there is no space to write at all. I respect the fact that they don’t want me to move them, and so, once my relative was able to be left for a few hours on their own, I looked for other places to write. 

Since then I have written at a bus stop, in the library during a sing song session for toddlers, on the bus, standing in the street, sat under a tree, in a busy cafe, and almost anywhere in fact!

Despite having to get up early, and at various times during the night for my caring duties, if I wake in the night without being called, I will get up and write. I love the peace that prevails in the early hours. I can often be seen at 3 or 4 a.m. sat writing furiously because it is the only time when I can actually get that peace. My brain seems to love it too, and the words do flow much more easily. But, I now know that despite me thinking it for many years, peace does not have to be abundant for me to be able to write. Because it is so rare here sometimes, that I would hardly ever write if I wanted for a peaceful time in which to do it. 

I also thought that I could only write enough if I did it on my computer or tablet. But again I was wrong. I am now an avid note writer. I carry a little notebook wherever I go, and write in it often. It is amazing how many times that words, sentences, or even paragraphs, will just pop into my thoughts in the most unlikely places.  What a waste it would be if I did not collate them in my notebook to use or reflect on later.

You may want to know how I am now able to write when there is noise all around me? Well, the answer to that will be my tip #2. So I look forward to seeing you again next time.

Until then, have a great writing week

Melanie x

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