Interview With Lord E-bay


Hello and thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for my blog. It is great to have you with us today!

My pleasure.

Were you always interested in writing?

Yes. It’s more of a habit to me than a profession. When I was in high school, I got paid for love letters, tokens the payments may be though, they gave me a sense of professionalism which had brought me this far.

When, and where do you write?

I write anywhere, anytime. For you see, writing isn’t a phenomenon you can vacate or retire from, if you’re a writer, writing becomes your life and isn’t at all restricted to a place or time. Due to the nature of some writers’ supplementary jobs though, certain time of the day is dedicated to writing when they’re off duty. But for me, I write anytime and anywhere comfortable. Day, night, anytime I feel like writing.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Sometimes, when I don’t have access to the kind of story/book I’d like to read, I write it myself. This might sound funny but well, sometimes I dream my ideas too. Literally, I sleep and pick my stories from my nightmares, carefully drawing creativity from the damnable. I read books and watch films to see how others have done their own, and I guess I don’t just read and watch films, I study them. The piece is never whole at the beginning, I gather the contents along the way.

You say that your novel, Taunton Town, is ‘A fictional series of magical events with religious undertones, where Lucifer himself picks a sword and Jesus is forced to return before the prescribed time of the Book of Revelation’. Do you expect it to be somewhat controversial to some?

It will be controversial, for Jesus is a character in the story. I craftily extracted all his words from the Bible so that nothing that is attributed to him sounds unlike him and I tried my best not to be blasphemous. Angel Michael, Angel Gabriel, Satan, Jesus, others. I decided to draw the doomsday near and give life to the Book of Revelation. It isn’t a preaching though, it’s entirely fictional for entertainment purpose.

Have you put some of the chapters for Taunton Town on your website. Will all of them be put on there, or will you be publishing it?

I have put none of the chapters of Taunton Town on my blog. I do not intend to. It is still passing through the editing stage, after which I’ll publish it as an eBook (for a start). It’s a very serious story and I intend to make its release special too. My latest book, a paranormal fiction laced with action, politics and mystery; Francis Is Alive is the book whose episodes/chapters I currently share on my blog ( and the free episodes are ceasing soon since the book is already published online. Francis Is Alive by Moshood Adebayo, that’s the book.

You say that ‘From the building blocks of politics and the mortar of activism I came’. Can you explain more about that to us?

I came from an African polygamous royal family where our entire lives are wound around pretense, diplomacy, lies, hatred, restriction and uncomfortable stateliness. As a young man, I broke out of this restriction and established a personality of my own, a human rights activist. I’ve contested elections and won in students’ environments, waged war against oppressive authorities, conquered, missed marks and faced fires. You grind stuffs in mortars, with a pestle. Saying I came from a motar of activism simply means that activism has been both my pleasure and my pain.

Can you tell us about your poetry?

I watch painters paint, I see an art. I can’t paint the same way, so I paint with words. I try to be simple for I don’t read stuffs I don’t understand, why should I stress my readers up? I write poems to express my regrets and my hopes.

Each story on your website is written in episodes. Where did you get the idea for this?

I have to keep my readers consistently entertained. I have to keep them up, anticipating, you know, like they’re watching TV Series.

Is it confusing writing so many different stories at the same time?

No, never can it be. There are too many stories in my head, I write them down at my leisure without rushing things up, so, I keep tabs on everything. If I don’t, I’ll explode.

What would your writing dream be?

Not much. I want to publish a hundred books. And I want to be globally read. Anytime someone opens a book, I want the trees to be happy in the forest that there’s life after death.

What is next for you as a writer?

Read more books, write more stories. Travel, see places, see movies, meet people, write, write and write again. The size of the audience doesn’t bother me now. By the time I finally get to the limelight, I would’ve had enough books to keep my readers up all a year’s nights. I want to live. I want to be part of art. I want people to read.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed here! Your answers are very interesting.


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