Man + Woman = Trouble

Man + Woman = Trouble Cover

So, this week, I decided to re-vamp the first book I ever wrote. I hadn’t really let anyone know that I had written Man + Woman = Trouble. I have always been proud of it, so I really don’t know why I didn’t. But now I am putting that right!

I believe that the beauty about Man + Woman = Trouble is that it is written by an average person rather than a relationship guru who would be very likely to mention statistics. These can sometimes take the personal element out of the story, so hopefully the way that it is written, will mean that most people can relate to the advice contained in it.

The thirty years that I spent working in the social work field gave me a real insight into how people interact, and the problems that they may face in their relationships. On a daily basis I saw how they resolved these issues and I really learned a lot from them.

I was also able to see why some of their relationships continued to fail, and so I wrote about the types of problems I had seen. Then I threw in some of my own relationship mishaps, of which there are many, and I believe that, in Man + Woman = Trouble, I now have an interesting read.

The offical blurb about the book says that –

Man = Woman = Trouble is a humorous, non-fiction book about relationships.Throughout the book readers will be laughing one minute, and then deep in thought the next. Thre are no scietific facts or statistics to baffle them. Just honest discussion about why men and women don’t get along. Comical anecdotes litter the pages to keep the reader’s interest, all written in a way that they can relate to. This is a must have book if you want to either keep your relationship alive, or to improve it. Melanie Mole sees life a little differently, and this book will show that it is okay to belike this. It is also a refreshing change from the run of the mill self-help books. The author is brutally honest throughout, acknowledging her own mistakes to clarify points which could normally so easily be brushed aside. This book is great for readers of either sex too.

So why not try it? At just 99p/99c what have you got to lose?


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