We Already Know The Answers


There probably isn’t a single day when there aren’t literally hundreds or thousands of writers who think that they don’t know the answers to a burning question about writing. I am sometimes one of them. I was one of them on a regular basis until more recently.

Being born in the 60’s means that I am essentially old school. By that I mean that I often need to ask someone younger than me about technology, and terminology too. Despite usually being a chilled type of person, I did stamp my feet loudly when my telephone provider said that they couldn’t provide me with an old fashioned mobile (cell) phone on my contract. They couldn’t understand why I wanted one.

When you are put in a position like this you need to just get on with it. I know that. But what I didn’t like, was being forced to move forward with my technology into an age that I just wasn’t ready for.

As a writer we are often pushed out of our comfort zone. Even though it may not seem like it at the time, this is often good for us. But being in a place where we are not comfortable can be a challenge too far if we are already struggling.

What we need to remember is that we either already know the answers, or we know where we can find them. It is rare these days that we can’t find the answer, no matter how difficult the question. This is because there are numerous websites, blogs, forums, magazines, books etc. where we can find the answers, or where we can see a link to another place that could help us. Plus we can ask our writer friends too.

This week I did something that is one of my regular summer treats. I re-read a pile of old writing magazines which I keep for inspiration. It is amazing how many times that I just happen to open the page at an article that could help me at that exact time. It reminds me that inspiration, help, and the answers, are literally all around us. All we have to do is just look for, and listen to them.

When I re-read those magazines I am also reminded that I already know a lot of the answers to my writing questions. Each time that I get a piece of information from within the pages that will help me, I save it on a list with titles such as ‘Marketing’ or ‘Writing Groups’. Over time they have become invaluable to me.

So, before you panic and think that everyone knows the answers but you, look at your lists, writing magazines, books etc. and see what is already right there in front of you. You never know, the answer could be right there staring at you!


If you want more inspiration then why not take a look at my new book – ‘Simply Does It

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