How I Increased My Writing Output By Over 800% In A Year!


Simply Does It

Today is a good day. A simply good day. Because in the life of a writer, any day where the writing flows, is one which lifts our hearts, and makes us feel so much better.

I have spent my whole adult life trying to find a way to fit it all in, so that I can feel good about more days than not. By that, I mean getting everything done which needs to be done on an average day. That means looking after family, doing chores, working and everything else which needs doing like so many of us It also means trying to fit some writing into my schedule. I would think that most writers who don’t have the luxury of being able to write full time, would often like more time, and less stress, in order to be able to do that.

During the first two decades of me trying to find the time to write without much success, I had become resigned to the fact that this was what a writer’s life was all about. That it would always be difficult, and so I would just have to live with it if I wanted to write.

I had tried every way that I could think of to fit it all in, and to be less stressed about it. But it got to the point I couldn’t see a way out. I thought that being a writer was just one of those high stressed vocations which was a ‘take it or leave it’ type of thing. So, you either put up with it, or just didn’t write.

But, now I know that I was wrong. I know that there is an answer. In the past year I have exceeded my wildest dreams in relation to my writing because I have increased my writing output by over 800% now. Yes, that’s right. I did say 800%! The the first part of that journey is in my new book Simply Does It.

Like most of us my story is a long one. I literally spent years writing my first book Man + Woman = Trouble (which will be available on Amazon next week as I have revamped it a little). Then I suffered loss, like we all do at times. But because of my diagnosed Depression I spiralled into the darkest and most gloomy place imaginable. I couldn’t get out of it. Nobody seemed to care, and nothing seemed to help. On the rare days when I was aware of what I was doing I knew that I couldn’t write enough. But what I really needed to do was to get back on track in search of what would now only make me better, but also make my life so much better generally too. I didn’t know it at the time but writing was the answer in its most simple form.

You, too, can increase your writing output, whilst still retaining its quality, perhaps by 800% in a year like I did, and maybe even more! I did this whilst being a full time, live in carer for a relative. Anybody who has done this will know that there are constant interruptions both day and night when you are a live in carer, and that it is also physically and mentally exhausting. So, even if you have a job which seems to take everything out of you, you can still do it if you choose to do it like I did.

So, what are you waiting for?

My new book, which shows the start of my journey to an increase in my writing productivity by over 800% in just a year, is called Simply Does It and is available now on Amazon for only £1.99. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee! So why not treat yourself?

And if you do purchase it….thank you, I really appreciate that.




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