Author Interview With Prakaash Sharma

Hello Prakaash and thank you for agreeing to to answer my questions.

Can you please tell us about your career and how you became a writer?

I started my career as a Chemist and progressed up to the level of Asst. General Manager while working in India’s various steel industries.

When I was doing my graduation, I came in contact with the chief editor and owner of a weekly newspaper. It was starting of my writing career. I would correct it from career to passion for writing. I continued writing articles for various newspapers since 1990 to around 1995. Then I started writing novels. I have completed one but couldn’t find resources to get it published. Hence, stopped the second novel in middle. Slowly, the time came when I hardly found time for writing due to job and family responsibilities. I completely stopped writing around the year 2000.

I exactly remember it was the year 2011 when I registered my presence on Facebook but couldn’t find the time to continue. In 2013, I continued my hobby of writing and in December’2014, I got an account on Createspace. It was the time when I was inspired from “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I co-authored two books with a vanity publisher in Hindi language and my first Indie book was published in March’2017 on Pothi (an Indian platform) an Createspace. It was later published on Kindle, Smashwords and Draft2Digital. In short, that is how I became a published author.

You call yourself a passionate social thinker. What do you mean by that?

I am always helpful to people in need. I always felt myself in pain when I saw someone in trouble. When I started earning in 1993, I used to donate. For me, donation is not all about money, it may be donation of anything like time, providing guidance or consultancy, clothing or food as per need if the hour or availability of resources. When I joined Facebook, it was because of a grand revolution. I found a platform to express my thoughts but later, when the revolution turned political, I distanced myself. I was alone again, I continued on Facebook because it was the only platform where I was able to publish without editor’s rejections. But, in India, Facebook turned into a political media and then sometimes I found it difficult to find my own thoughts when I need those. Hence, an idea stroke my mind to write books in social evils. In last 24 years, I have already written a lot, so writing book was not difficult for me. Self-publishing made it easy and I published my first independent book “Kathputli” whish has 14 short stories on various political, religious and social issues. Publication of “Kathputli” was just like giving wings to my passion for writing and social service. I never thought to make money from it. I distributed more than 200 copies of it in ebook and print form because my sole purpose is to serve the society by attracting people towards thinking about social issues. Now, I am sure whether I will be alive or dead but my thoughts will remain in the world forever.

You are both traditionally and self-published. Which do you prefer, and why?

Getting a big publication house is really the toughest work for newbies and vanity publishers don’t have interest in marketing and promotion. Also, they charge big amounts comparing to the facilities (they can’t do anything more than just publishing). Hence, it’s best to stay away and self publish. But, still I am in touch with big publishers.

You say that you book Kathputli made news for two months. Why was that?

Between 2013 and 2017, I made a strong friends and readers base. When I announced the publication of Kathputli, I asked them to support me by making my book’s cover as their profile picture or cover page, by writing reviews on their wall and the did more than that. I felt honoured when people who got complementary copy of “Kathputli”, started buying it. It was an amazing idea which caught the eyes of press. My book was in news from social media to print media (newspapers).

What other types of written work have you had published, and which are you most proud of?

By now, I have published two short stories books but currently writing a personal development book “Mindset And Passion – The Psychology Of Success”. I have half a dozen manuscripts for finishing and publication in various genres. I am proud of the response I got from UK, USA and India for my second book “Life In Shackles” which stood first in StorytellerUK2017 contest based on customer reviews.

So, what is next for you in your writing career?

Still, I have not thought to make a full time career in writing but definitely I will start consultancy for aspiring authors free of cost and some paid services like formatting, promotion, reviews etc at a very nominal fee anywhere between USD 5 to 20. I have an idea to develop a self publishing platform for aspiring authors.

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I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions Prakaash. Thank you.

Thanks a lot for great questions. It’s really great to share many secrets, first time, with you.

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