Writer on Wheels



There I was, walking along minding my own business, and then bam! It hit me head on. Not in a slow meandering stream of thoughts, but in a huge knock you off your feet type of wave that sends you running for cover, yet exhilarates every part of you all at the same time. In that one moment I knew that I wanted to have a new writing adventure!

Now, coming from someone who can be quite shy at times, that might sound somewhat unusual. If you go on adventures you normally meet new people, and maybe do things which are out of your comfort zone, right? Of course! But in a way that’s the beauty of them.

Despite my laid back and shy nature I actually also have a part of me that is wilder and loves trying new things. One which likes to go to new places, to discover, and to learn along the way. These parts of me are like the different sides of the same coin. Both are interlinked, yet so different. Each needs the other to balance them out, but, like most things, I see that as a positive.

Straight away I knew that my adventure would be to become a writer on wheels. I don’t know the reason, but it sounds interesting anyway.

I haven’t given myself a timeline for my adventure. I prefer to plan at least some of it so that I have an idea of what I might face. But to also leave enough room for a little spontaneity along the way. Did I really say that I would be spontaneous?

What I know is that, in some ways, life can be an adventure of its own. But that is one in which we merely take part by way of being human. That’s fine, but I want an adventure which the writer in me actively plans and takes part in. One where I listen to its needs and try to give it the time and attention that it deserves. Where it can learn from others and progress to new heights. So that at the end of the adventure it will feel cared for and nourished like never before, and be grateful for the golden opportunity it was given.

I see myself travelling round in a campervan (hence Writer on Wheels), maybe using a tent sometimes, or even staying in holiday cottages. The campervan would be my first choice, but doesn’t have to be rigid.

My intention would be to travel with another writer, or even a few depending on the room in the van, tents etc. even if some could only come for a few days. Meeting other writers and perhaps attending their writing groups, events or even a literary festival on our way. Learning our craft and supporting each other in our shared aims. How great would that be?

I am really lucky to live in England in a beautiful small market town where the people are really friendly. I really like it here, but know that there is so much more to see and experience. I am lucky to live near the edge of the Cotswolds. It is an area of outstanding beauty, but because of time pressures I haven’t explored nearly as much of the area as I want to. Then perhaps a remote Scottish island, or the rugged Cornwall coast. Each area is so rich in history that you can’t help to get inspired by it!

When I was married I had a busy job with lots of stress. The last thing on my mind would have been to go off on an adventure. But, in reality, that was probably when I should have! But now I intend to do just that and feed the writer in me. I am excited because the possibilities from this adventure are endless.

To prepare I am going to read a book I found just a few days ago –

Writing On The Road:Campervan Love and The Joy of Solitude by Sue Reid Sexton

If any of you would consider joining me in the future on a writing adventure, then please let me know!

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