How To Get What Your Inner Writer Wants


If you could bottle everything that your writer’s heart wants, wouldn’t that be great? If everything that would make the writer in us jump with glee because it was stored so easily, and available when needed, was in that bottle, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, maybe that isn’t so far from the truth.

This week I re-read Sonia Choquette’s book Your Heart’s Desire. Each time I read it I am reminded of so many interesting principles. Sonia talks about 9 principles in her book which she says, if followed, will bring all that our heart desires.

Now, I am not one to automatically think that something works just because I am told that it will. But this book is one which I have returned to several times over the years. Something keeps drawing me back. I’m not sure if it is my intuition, or subconscious that keeps telling me to read it again, and to take note of it. It doesn’t really matter which. It just matters that I do.

I ask myself who am I to ignore them? Surely both my intuition and subconscious are working for me, and towards the same aim, right?

I would think that we all want what our heart desires. But the writer inside us also has a heart too. It has needs and wants like the rest of our body. So shouldn’t we listen to it then?

Sonia talks about bringing your dream into focus, and staying true to your dream. But, she says that before this you need to do 3 things:

1.Travel lightly – This means not listening to what others say is right to the point that you don’t listen to your self. To trust that what you say or think is right as much as what others say.  Sonia also says that you should ‘Enter into your creative mission knowing that you are a spiritual being here on earth to express your creative divinity and remember who you are’.

I wonder how many of us have our own thoughts quashed by the words of others? How many of us actually do what Sonia Choquette says and remember who we are?

It is so easy to lose the writer in us, but we have to keep a hold on them if they are to grow. We also have to keep a hold on what our writer heart needs for that to grow too. Too much baggage won’t allow that to happen. So we have to ask ourselves what we can eliminate now, to be able to flourish?

Eliminating baggage isn’t always easy. But it is something that we may have to do for the writer in us to succeed.

2.Take responsibility for your dream – So often we make excuses that we just aren’t in the right position to be able to be creative. But if not then, when?

It is all too easy to blame a situation or other person for our lack of writing. Sonia Choquette says ‘Surrendering your power over to blame, resentment, or anger, or feeling like a victim is the worst thing you can do. Wherever you are, use your situation as a launching pad to fly towards your dream’. Sounds like good advice to me!

We can use whatever we are feeling to fuel our writing fire, even if it is something like anger from being left with all the chores to do again, or thinking that we don’t have enough time to write. Feelings can fuel so much. We just have to channel them in the right direction, and often that could be our writing.

3.Don’t be a control freak! – Sonia Choquette says that ‘If you are a control freak, you cannot create freely, because creating freely comes from your essence, your true self – your soul’. 

Are we too rigid and controlled in the way that we write, or even about where we write? Is this because being in control makes us feel safer?

But, in reality, does playing it safe get us anywhere? If we wrote with pure abandon would we have better results? Would we write more often, and would the words come right from our soul as Sonia says?

Can we really write fully from our soul if everything is set in a rigid way? Sometimes we just need to run free. To let the words rise up within us and flow excitedly onto the page.

So, if you want to get the words to flow like your inner writer wants, why not try it?




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