The Best Way For A Writer To Bloom

your time to bloom INFOGRAPHIC

As writers we all want to grow well in some way. But how do we do that?

It doesn’t matter if we just write for ourselves, for someone special, or for a wider audience, we want our writing to matter or to make a difference. Even if it is just one person that we touch through our writing, and that person can be ourselves, we want to grow and bloom as a writer.

For some, blooming vividly might feel a really long way off. Especially when you have a writing drought that lasts for weeks and weeks, even months. When that happens it seems like we are wilting more each and every day. Out bodies feel week from trying to write. We know that the words are in there somewhere, but they won’t come out onto the page. Like they are locked into their own gilded cage and we don’t have the key. Tantalisingly near, yet still so far.

We rack our brains trying to make them work. We suffer headaches and shout in frustration from trying to do what we know we can. Yet all too often the words still don’t flow. On the really bad days we could almost give up. But in reality we don’t have to let it get that far.

If you think about it, flowers usually only bloom when they have been nurtured. The odd few will bloom despite the obstacles put in their way. But most need the correct conditions to have at least a fighting chance of survival.

A writer is the same. To bloom we first need to sow the right seeds. These are unique to each of us. But if we really think about what we want from our writing, and therefore how we want to eventually bloom, then we can look at what seeds we need to sow.

For some it might be reading as much as we can so that we get ideas or inspiration from other writers. Those are great types of seeds because we can see what we think works from their writing, and what doesn’t. Because of this we won’t then go on and waste our time sowing the wrong types of seeds for our own writing. This saves us both space and time in our writing week.

For others it might be attending a short writing course or a local writing workshop. Not just attending, but with an open heart. Ready to learn, and willing to plant the seeds for our future writing. Soaking up the positive writing energy, and learning from others too. There are so many of these available now that we are very fortunate compared to writers who lived many years ago. We have a lot more opportunities open to us in terms of learning and community.

Once we have planted our chosen writing seeds we need to use them to the best of our capabilities. To take what we learn and use it productively. To get into the habit of writing. To try to do it every day, even if only one or two sentences. Otherwise it is so easy to forget what we have learned, and to let those tiny little seeds, that we so carefully planted, wither and die.

What a shame that would be. To take all of that effort and time choosing and planting the right seeds, only to have them wither a little while later because we thought that we didn’t have either the time or the energy to look after them.

It doesn’t take long to nourish them. Nourishing our writer self is as important as brushing our teeth and drinking enough fluid each day. For the writer within, nourishing it needs to become part of our daily routine. Something that we eventually do almost without thinking because we are so used to looking after it.

This nourishment comes from a place of writer love. It’s a place where we feel, care, plant, breathe slowly, and so much more. A place which we need to visit often. One which soothes our writing soul when times are tough, and cheers alongside it when times are good. Vehemently encouraging it along the writing journey too.

Writer love can, and should, be passed to other writers too. We are all on our own writer journeys but these are somehow linked through time and need. We all need writer love at some point – 

We can also nourish our writer self through interacting with other writers. There are numerous writer communities. Not everyone on some of them are kind or encouraging so pick your communities well, and make sure than you do not continue to visit those that make you feel bad.

The great thing about nourishing the writer inside us is that it helps us to grow. We thrive because of the care and support that comes from it. It is when we continue to write daily, even just a few sentences, because of caring for our writer self, that we edge our way towards becoming better writers. It is also then that we can start to bloom, and that will feel great!


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