What Are You Doing To Make Your Writing Life Easier Today?

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I live in a part of the world which hasn’t had that many hot days over the past few years. When I was a child there were defined seasons. This meant that you could almost guarantee when you could do something that the nicer weather depended on.

Today, in my 50’s, the summers here are much shorter and less easily defined. I hear myself saying that it is too hot to do much on the odd unexpectedly blaring hot day. It has been very hot here all week, as it has in much of the world. Everything seems to have slowed to a pace where only the most necessary of tasks is contemplated, let alone completed.

As a writer it is a wonderful thing to be able to write from home. The windows and doors are all open, and the fan whirrs with a tune of its own, humming in the background to remind us all that it is on and trying its best to help cool us. Air conditioning is not usual in homes here because we have so few really hot days, so a fan is very welcome.

I love to savour the freshness of the early morning air. As I meandered along the streets to and from the local shops this morning I heard a chorus of voices seemingly exacerbated by the heat. Not one praising the warmth of another summer day, instead moaning about the level of heat and what it meant in relation to their everyday lives. Yes, it was hot. But we were lucky to wake up today, a gift not bestowed on everyone.

I went about my business, swiftly completed my shopping, and when I was home I poured myself a cool glass of water and added some ice cubes. With my other chores completed before I went shopping, it was time to write.

Today I chose the photograph for this blog post because the man in the picture looked so happy. I could see in his smile that he would probably write no matter what. He was a true writer. By that I mean one who would never let something like burning hot weather distract him from his writing goals. Instead, finding every way that he could to allow himself to forge ahead regardless of any blips in his way. I like that. I really respect that too.

We all need to take responsibility for our writing. To ensure that we can continue to do it more often than not. Soon, I could hear myself saying that it was too hot to write again. Only faintly at first, but then it started to get louder. The large room fan seemed to help a little, but not enough to take my negative thoughts about the heat away.

Heat is draining so I know that I must keep a glass of water on my desk. I find that this encourages me to sip at regular intervals throughout the day. I also know that it helps my concentration which is important as a writer. I also wear light cotton clothing to try to be as cool as possible, and move to write in whatever room is coolest during different times throughout the day.

As writers we must do everything possible to afford ourselves both the time and ability to write. We have to take responsibility for this because if we don’t then it won’t happen.

The way to do this is to ask yourself what you can do to make your writing life easier today? This might be completely different to what it was yesterday or what it will be tomorrow. Today is a complete day all on its own, with its own unique needs.

Today heat was the issue. So I got the mini USB fan out which I purchased for less than £2. It either clamps onto the side of my computer screen, or can be stood directly onto the table where I write. I have no idea why I didn’t think of it yesterday? But to have it working today is wonderful. First problem solved!

Another issue was the clutter on the table where I work. Most of it wasn’t mine, but that was no excuse for it to remain there. I find it difficult to concentrate as much if there is too much congestion around me. So I just spent a few minutes tidying and clearing the clutter, which mostly meant taking it to where it should be. It was that easy to sort.

Having also made sure that my relative who I care full time for was OK, I was then ready to write. Being a full time carer as well as doing everything else that we all have to do means that life is busy. But it is not something which will stop me writing.

To be able to write today there were certain things that I needed to do first which would make all the difference. They would ensure that I made my writing life easier today.

As you can see it sometimes only takes a few things to make the difference. So, what are you doing to make your writing life easier today?





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