NaNoWriMo Time Again!


I can’t believe that it’s NaNoWriMo time again. It comes around so quickly. It seems that in only a blink of an eye it was last November and we were setting ourselves up for last year’s writing challenge.

For those of you who haven’t hear of it, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It lasts from the 1st to the 30th of November and is aimed at getting us to write, write, and write some more!

Writers of all abilities are asked to commit to write 50,000 words in the month of November. You need to go to and there you will see all of the details.

On the NaNoWriMo site you are asked to create your profile and give your piece of work a title which can be changed at any time. You don’t actually write on their site. But I think that the thought is that if you announce that you are doing it, then you will be more likely to actually go on and write.

On the NaNoWriMo website you will be asked to select your region and can then get updates and will be able to participate in their forums. You can earn participation and and writing badges which may spur you on when you reach your milestones. If that is not for you then it is o.k.

Because writing so much isn’t easy there are motivational resources on the site to help you along the way. Any time after the 20th of November you can paste your full text onto their word count validator and they will then see who wins.

To some of you this may seem ideal. But to others it can seem a huge waste of time and effort. I have heard one writer say that anyone who needs to do this to write ‘…is weak and obviously a hopeless writer’. Not a very kind attitude. But in reality this challenge is not for everyone.

Others love it and can’t wait until it starts. Almost willing the 1st of November to arrive so that they can prove to themselves, and possibly everyone else, how much they can actually achieve in just one month.

Despite its name this challenge isn’t just for those who write novels. It can be for almost any writing project. NoNoWriMo says that ‘Stories Matter’, and asks us to ‘Help to launch more into the universe’. Who could argue with that? Because writing does matter. Our writing matters too.

Not only can you be encouraged to write more for this project, but you can also be sponsored for your efforts too. There is a section on the website where you can start a sponsorship page, or if you prefer you can donate. The site says that donations go towards helping them to keep their sites and programs running for all writers. So great if you want to help other writers.

For those of you who really don’t like this challenge that’s fine. We all have our own way of writing and encouraging or motivating ourselves. But the thing that I like about anything which encourages us to write is that we do.

Writing is a solitary existence a lot of the time. So feeling that you belong, to some, can make all the difference. The quality of the writing doesn’t matter for this challenge as much as the fact that it is written. You can’t edit a page with no words on it. But you have a really good start ahead of those who haven’t written anything if you try. So why not give it a go today?

I would love to hear how you do so please do let me know.

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