First blog post


Hello and welcome to my first blog post. Writing this made me think about how daunting some parts of the writing profession are. For someone who is slightly older than some like I am, even writing a blog post is something that we need to really think about because it can be confusing to some of us. This is not usually because of the content, but because of needing to add it to our websites when some of us have never done anything like that before. Usually if I need help with technology I will ask someone younger than myself as they seem to be able to do it so quickly. But my blog post today, and every other one I intend to write, will be added by me no matter how long it takes.

Technology runs forward at such as pace that it often seems difficult to catch up. When I started writing I never thought about how I would need to work with the many different forms of technology that are around today as most of it wasn’t even available to the public then. It would help if I have always been interested in technology. But to be honest I haven’t. I know that I need to use it, and do so almost every day. But only usually the odd text or email. I do surf the internet sometimes too, but that is about my limit. Only in recent years have I added my twitter (@melaniemolebook) and facebook accounts. I love to engage with followers and readers and I know that social media is a great way to do this. But it frightens me a little too.

I write a lot more each day on my computer or tablet than I would on a typewriter. It is so easy to re-write large chunks of my writing, or to cut and paste it to another spot. But in reality I am an old fashioned kind of girl who wants to be stuck in more simple times. So in a way a typewriter would suit me. But of course today we need to keep up with our social media accounts, emails, blogs, and even with guest posting. The writing world moves at a fast pace and sweeps us along with it. If we dig our heels in and refuse then we are likely to get lost in the crowd and be left by the wayside. Some of us love to use social media and others would prefer a good old fashioned letter. I like social media. But I know that I need to balance it with my writing. That is difficult sometimes. But I will persevere like so many writers.

Strangely I have written articles for some other sites. But have been a little daunted to do my own. Part of this has been because of the negativity which is around sometimes on the internet. But also because like a lot of writers I procrastinate when I am either unsure, or if something is new to me, no matter how easy it would be to do. I seem to be getting worse at procrastinating, especially if technology is involved. So I need to be brave and do the tasks each day which I am unsure about first. I have wanted to write my own blogs for a long time now and so hopefully I have now dipped my toe into the water and not found it too cold. It seems silly to be so daunted by writing something when it is what I do. So I intend to write many more posts now. Wish me luck!




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